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Peter Thorsen Engineering
John Friis, Net planner at Stofa A/S, Denmark  (app 600.000 subscribers):   Peter har et særdeles stærkt softwareprodukt til kabel-TV/Fiber, beregning, skematik og GIS: CACAO/MICADO. Jeg har som superbruger kun haft positive oplevelser med Peter. Han har en evne til at sætte sig ind i alle specielle problemstillinger, og arrangerer kurser og træning efter kundens ønsker og behov. Yder hurtig og professionel service, uanset hvornår man ringer. Peter sørger altid for at være på forkant i en branche i rivende udvikling. Det er en fornøjelse at kende og arbejde sammen med Peter Thorsen. ---- Peter has a very strong software product palette for COAX and fibre networks developed for calculations, schematic and GIS:  CACAO and MICADO. As a CACAO super user I have only had positive experience with Peter. He has the ability to understand and fulfil all requests and arranges seminars and user training according to wishes and needs. Support from PTE is quick and professional whenever you call. Peter urges to be constantly ahead in a business that is changing rapidly. It is a pleasure to know and work with Peter Thorsen. MARIO WALGRAEVE | Teleste Belgium, Project Manager, Broadband Cable Networks: “The redesign of on node showed on a no nonsense base the changes that need to be done to stretch the network to 862 MHz. Added value of CACAO is that we quickly can show the effects of changes in parameters to the network/requirements, compared to the massive systems often in use.” “Thanks Peter, Your support is great.”